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Hollow Man (part 11)

I woke up early to get a head start on the day. Sphinx was already gone without the heads up, good thing I’m not that much a heavy sleeper. She didn’t wanna wake me as she left. I guess she left to go get her car. I know the boss is gonna be pissed about the car but hey we had no choice but to leave it. I took one last look at the place as I called heaven to pick me up. She was happy I was alive. When she came I still Haven’t had a little pick-me-up. I still felt sleepy but I eventually was gonna get through it. She pulls up outside and I get in still drowsy. “is this just a thing now? You call I pick you up?” Nah it’s not like that I’m just not sure what we have going on just yet. She pulls over then gets in the back of the car with me. “Well I’m sure I like you and I would like to think that you like me.” Of course I do. You’re a sweet girl remind me a lot of someone I once knew. “You say that but every time I wanna get close to you it’s always something going on with you. I just for once want to be wanted by you like how I want you.” I  can see your frustration I know I haven’t always been available to you or making you feel any bit of wanted but I am trying. This case is just kicking my ass. “Well good I’m glad.” Glad that it’s kicking my ass? “No glad that you actually have time now.” Just like that she was all over me. Kissing me, rubbing on me and she finally feels the relief of me getting to be inside her with no interruptions. One way to describe that morning.....spiritual. I can honestly say I felt loved. But enough of that I was pissed off in a calm way that drove me into a rampage. I couldn’t stand that our only other suspect dies. By suicide. I needed answers and there was no more mister nice guy. So me and Sphinx cracked down on our paperwork. We had our guy in the i.d department to run the name the angel of death. Seems upsetting, which really is when you can’t find that name. Though it was on the agenda of our captain, which it has been for years. It was like he was captain ahab and the angel of death was moby dick. Talking to him about it was always fuel to the fire. I mean you say the name and he went for his gun like it, he, or she was there in the flesh. Either way he, she, or it has pissed me off. We ended up getting a lead on some guys that knew the whereabouts of AOD. This time there were no surprises just straight up bulletproof vest with guns going in hot. We track the bastards to an abandoned hotel where you can almost smell the gunpowder In their guns a mile off. Things were gonna get hot but we didn’t know how hot. We just enjoyed the ride to put some poor bastard in the choke hold for answers. I looked all my guys as they confident calling them “boy scouts”. They were clueless to what was coming. “We got these bastard this time and all of them were going down”. Even if something in my stomach whimpered at the fact that something doesn’t sit right I started to agree. We got there locked and loaded as we were split into teams covering every entry and exit taking out the “guard dogs”. We moved quickly and silently like ninjas in the shadows of a dark night. We stormed in sweeping every room, every corner, every crevice moving up level after level. Each one seemed harder and harder. We continued to lose more guys as we fought to the very top. With only ten of us left, most are injured some are dead we managed to catch this guy all alone. We arrested him, read him his rights but me and Sphinx escorted him to a secret room of theirs. There was no telling what we were about to do this guy. As we got to it though that growl in my stomach grew worse and worse. It was almost as if it was telling me something like I was in danger. I should have listened to it as hell came with c4 and a hammer that just so happens to blasts in. Me and Sphinx was completely blindsided as we crash to the floor barely conscience. But I was still determined to see who the hell is this. I couldn’t believe my eyes as she walked in. It was her................ heaven. Before I blacked out she walked to me and said ”death comes forth with not a demon but an angel”.

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