Story -

Hollow Man (part 12)

Tied up back to back with pain painted over me and sphinxes bodies. Drifting in and out of consciousness as they find new ways to torture and hurt us. With every punch, every burn, every cut, I grew more and more curious as to why. Why was i so stupid?  How could I have been so blind? I lost focus. I lost my strength as she cheated on me. Then I got slapped back into consciousness this time I noticed Sphinx is not in the room I panicked. Where is she!!! Sphinx!?!? Where is my partner!?!? I was punched into silence they dragged me into another room. Eyesight was blurry but I could tell that it was a bitch standing in front of me. Then thought about Sphinx again. Where is my part- I was cut off by a punch. It was her I grew angry wishing I could break this rope so I could beat her ass. I looked her dead in the eye and asked why? Her and her goons laughed at me as she lit herself a cigarette. “Why? (Laughing) what the fuck do you think this is a movie? You think this is some bullshit tv show? Or some fucking super hero movie where I’m the villain and I tell you my secret fucking plan?” I mean that as in why make me believe you actually had feelings for me? “Awwwwn I broke your heart (laughing) I done it to get your head off the case dumbass.” I stared blankly as to how. “ you see before that little nightmare happened I was already on to you detective Dante Graves. At first yo sexy chubby ass wasn’t even on my radar until it happened. I wanted you just for the fun. (walking towards me) you was always a loner even before your wife cheated on you. So yes I fucked your mind. I needed you off the case so I could cover this up and be about my way. Buuuut no you had to go deeper now I need to improvise. Cover up two dead cops with no witnesses.” Soo you were basically behind all of this? the murders? the assassination of John? “Where did you think it was done at? I used John as a simple pawn. He lures you out drops your guard then Blam!! He dies. John knew the rules, he was willing to take the risk just to shake things up. The cafe? Just to keep the money clean. I was allll over you. You couldn’t sleep nor even eat breakfast without me knowing. (Hangs my head in shame) One thing is for sure though........(walks over to me and holds my head up by my chin) you are a great lover. It’s such a shame you must die. Kill him!” She walked away, out of the room had her goons beat the living hell out of me. I drifted back in and out of consciousness. In some blunt force of my traumatizing hits to my skull my life started flashing before my eyes as if I’m dying. I already felt dead inside but I could’ve still done with out the bruises. My life was hard, mom worked herself to death, dad was still the boy in the streets which ultimately led to their passing. Mom had an heart attack at her job and no one was around to help her. She fell to the ground in the parking lot at her job going home. Her boss found her hours later and called the police. My father who “made it out” was mistaken for a rival gang member between the new gangs and was shot in a drive by while being in his car. If only I could kiss them goodbye one last time. I would’ve died the “right” way. I guess her goon holding a .357 at my head without me doing so works too. As I stared into that barrel looking at the hollow pointed bullet about to enter my skull I smiled. Then BOOM!!!!!!!!!!! Our backup bursts in the door sweeping the room killing the ugly mugs who kept us chained. My weak, beaten, and exhausted body was nearly paralyzed. I saw my captain walk in unchained me and gave me two shots of adrenaline. As I feel this surge of energy shoot through my body captain Johnson yelled “get the stick out your ass boy were getting you and Sphinx out of here.” He tossed me a gun and I led the way going dark. I felt like John wick on a rampage. Sweeping every room, breaching every door looking for Sphinx. We had finally found her beaten.......... to death. I nearly broke down til I took some adrenaline shots from cap and gave it to her. I was sure it was gonna wake her up and boy it did. She jumped up evil eyed and bushy tailed. I nearly called her the tomb raider. Eventually we made it out through the back door where there was a truck waiting for us to get back to the precinct. Everyone was war wounded and injured. Even with the losses we took, and the brothers that can’t go back home with us cap still was angry about that we couldn’t catch A.O.D. Deep down in his heart though he was glad we were alive. We made it back safely. Me and Sphinx were taken on a stretcher to get looked at. Minor cuts, bruised bones, a fews burns, and massive headaches left us out for weeks. We didn’t care, we waited patiently in our hospital beds, sleeping, rehabilitating our wounds. We knew we were gonna be stronger than ever once we came back.

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