Story -

Hollow Man (part 8)

I gave Sphinx a text letting her know what had happened. She more so pissed that I had went alone, not that our only talking witness was murdered. I had to text heaven and cancel our lunch for the paperwork of this bullshit. It was really killing me to know that my fingers were blistering at the notion that I had went alone to ask more questions. While filling out paperwork though, at my desk as forensics tries to find anything on the suspect I sat and thought why John? He had nothing to with anything. He was only there. I guess telling the wrong business can lead to a box where every one forgets you and let you rot. Still there was something odd about this meeting. I mean besides the fact that it was an orgy for a drug dealer recruitment. I guess trusting someone with your body and life in that moment meant that you could try to trust them with your drugs. It was still crazy though, it was “in the now”. But why murder the supposed recruits? If the initiation didn’t go through as planned then there were no information given as to what was planned in the organization. I had head pains as to what’s was going on. Luckily I finished work early with the ink of my pen sizzling and the blisters forming on fingers making it hard to even press the button on the elevator. Sphinx had left already as punishment. I couldn’t be mad at her. The day had passed me by much more like everything else. On my way out me and heaven kept texting. The smiles as I walked to my car meant a lot to me that day being that I still had drops of blood on my clothes. Good thing it didn’t stink but nonetheless I still felt dirty. She wanted me to come over I told her I had to take a shower. She insisted that I came over took one there. I figured what the hell I had clean clothes in my trunk. So I headed over there only hoping to be loved on I wasn’t too much in the mood after today. But looking at her just made me happy and horny but yet still I didn’t really want any smoke from her. I pull up to her house hoping to just even get a little bit of sleep. I grab my clothes out the trunk and head to her door. As soon as I got to the door she opened with her lingerie hoping to finish what she had started. Grabs me and pulls me inside forcing to the couch then I turned on the lights and she stood back in fear. I had not warned her what happened on the job. She starts rambling and I start explaining quickly before erupts that I murdered someone. She calms down but still a little creeped out by me. But slowly she became over it as I stood in her front room taking off my blood ridding clothes. She watched but I didn’t mind. I couldn’t care less as long as she didn’t call the cops on me saying I killed someone. I took my clothes off and put them in a bag to burned since I couldn’t wash them. She sat and watched as I turned around nearly naked “that’s better” she said. I laughed but then remembered she wants some. “Hey let’s not tonight I just wanna cuddle I’m too tired to do anything” I said. She kissed me and said “that’s okay”. I smiled as she helped me upstairs to the shower. I went inside the tub and turned on the water beginning my shower as she walked to her room to change. At least I thought. As I started my shower I can hear her outside the door playing with herself. I got hard as hell but I was still too tired. Feeling her warm inside would be lovely but for now hearing her moaning softly as bout as close I can get to it. You know I never really saw my self in a relationship with this woman. In fact I can’t really tell what this is. Only that this woman and I has tried to smash on two separate occasions now. I would like to think that she wants me in her life but I guess this is only sex. When I finished showering and brushing my teeth I walked out and noticed there was a wet spot by the door. I can only grin as I walked down to the front room to burn my dirty clothes. I said nothing to her about it just snuggled up behind her watching this show she liked. She made sure I’d be comfortable even with snuggling up with her little petite ass.  I was falling asleep with her slowly I couldn’t keep my eyes up any longer. So I just plugged my phone up and held her til I went to sleep. Around 3:30 came and my phone started ringing off the hook, and heaven was sound asleep. I picked it up and it was Sphinx in a frantic. I got up slowly but quickly I didn’t want to wake heaven. I turned the tv off, put some cover on her, and then left. I couldn’t lock the door so I took her keys and then stuffed it back in her mailbox. My partner needed me I couldn’t help but think she was in trouble. She never called for help she was too mentally strong. I met with her in an abandoned parking lot. She was okay but something seemed off about her. She was in a frantic before but not now. “What’s up Sphinx what’s going on?” I asked. “I gotta talk to you”she said as she went inside the back of her truck. I hopped in “what’s up?”. Then at that moment she started kissing on me getting on top of me. I was shocked it happened so fast. All I knew was that her skirt was up, she had on no panties and my jogging pants and underwear were pulled down. She just slid me right in. I felt raped but hell I couldn’t stop her for real. I just let her do her. Since I was doing her anyway. The constant bouncing and slow grinding as she gazes into my eyes. It was like I was fucking her soul into a pool full of sweat and shame. And the puddle that was on her seat. She only wanted me for just that and I couldn’t imagine why. She still had a girlfriend and I still felt hollow inside.