Story -

It Wasn't Me

Hi. My name is Densley. Right now I'm sentenced to 15 years in prison. If you're wondering why then please pay close attention to the story I'm going to tell.

"No money. Absolutely none. Now how am I supposed to go to the Golden Globe Awards in two months?"

I have been waiting years and years for this moment and had saved up. Apparently my money was stolen. Every last bit. I thought and thought about how I'm going to get this money. Suddenly, I took a glance at my bank card. 'Clint Wells' it had said, for that was the name of my bank. I grinned in the most evil way possible. "I'm getting this money."

As I arrived at Clint Wells, I get my gun out and barge inside. "Everybody get down! Get down, I say!..." as I told all the customers and tellers. Then I went up to one teller and yelled, "now give me your...mother freaking little...ahh!!!" I yelled. I had shot myself in the foot. I guess I accidentally aimed the gun at my foot. Oops!

Well, I got arrested. But I met a really cool criminal. Turns out he robbed a bank as well. His name was Clive. Oh, his beautiful bouncing brown hair; and his eyes, so deep brown you could get lost in them. Well, we discussed it and had decided to become partners. Once we made bail, we were certain we'd succeed.

Well..the first one didn't go so well. We got in the getaway car and soon enough, police had us surrounded. The second time, I accidentally went in without a mask. Oh, Clive was so furious with me. The third time, we got the money.

Thought that was a happy ending? Ha! Fooled ya! The cops came knocking on my door and searched my entire house, found the money and arrested both Clive and myself.

Well..that's how I ended up in here. But this story isn't all bad. Clive and I got prison. A cellmate married us and we couldn't be any happier. Maybe we'll even have a prison baby, who knows? But, anyways, that's my story. Hope you enjoyed it.

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