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So Beautiful To Me

So Beautiful To Me

I remember so well It was a beautiful summers day I was getting my wife Helen dressed as I always did she needed help 

It was a really hot day so she only got partly dressed to keep cool this she had done many

Helen was wearing these beautiful black leggings black boots and matching black bra

She look absolutely stunning I couldn't take eyes of her
 Helen said what you staring at you my love I

She started to play on the effect It was having on me leaning forward revealing more of her ample bussom 

I told her If she didn't stop teassing I'll come over  and sort you out, Helen reply what are waiting for so I did 
we made love well
the Is rest history 

Sadly Helen passed away but my God this lady my wife was so beautiful kind and loving but so passionate
And love making kissing enough  to take your breath away and miss so much