Story -

Stuck .

What a position to end up in . How ignorance was bliss last night . Now he dared not move . He could not even retrace his steps ; He had done them in the dark .
He could not stay where he was forever . He had to move sometimeĀ  . Every minute he stayed , Every taunt he had to take . There was so much at stake . He had to be brave . Could he muster the courage to face the unseen , The unknown , The randomly sown ? A false move would doubtless result in agonizing injury - or the loss of his life .
In his vicinity lay grim reminders . Animal carcasses as well as his partner in crime , Who had died as well . He had enduredĀ  listening to his screams , pleas ,Ā  whimpers and ultimately death throes . He had also heard the wild animals stripping the meat , Their teeth crunching on the bones .
His status at home could not help him here . By the goading and taunts , He was systematically being broken . He would never be the same man . At home , He could buy , bully , intimidate and corruptĀ  to show how . But like many rich men before ,
His money was no use to him now .....


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Chris Bond

Thank you for your kind words Lorna ! Hoping you maybe like some of my other stories & poems & wishing you a happy Sunday !Ā 
Chris x