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A Prayer

A Prayer

Simplicity haunt my mind
complexity fulfill my heart,
Assurance guide my way,
Muses guide my art,
Hebe let me wander,
Geras keep me straight,
Minerva give me wisdom,
Clotho weave my fate,
Kratos be my warden,
Ares be my shield,
Juno be my matron,
Artemis guard me in the field.
Apollo be my inspiration,
Aphrodite guide my heart,
Deimos my companion,
And Phobos Lead me to the Part.
Chronos keep my time,
Ikatsunagi, may I stand strong,
Helios may the sun rise,
Lord, let me do no wrong.

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Dmitri Rudder

I apologize for what WAS here. I wasn't quite feeling myself last night and... well.. I deeply regret posting that. So Let's just pretend I DIDNT throw my most heartfelt and embarrassing secrets onto the Internet, Shall we?

Cherie Sumner-Taylor

D.....I am going to write you a private message.....But just know you are appreciated and you are not a lie at all.....You move others by your words...You are young and it is a confusing time....Do not ask for forgiveness from your friends on Cosmo, but of yourself....I love you...You do not see yourself for what you truly are... I feel you wrote this in deep pain...and I hurt for knowing now.  xo C

Mitsali Fatima

That is a heartfelt prayer full of emotion and I couldn't help but feel sad for some reason...
I don't know what you wrote before but as Cherie said you wrote this when you were in pain and needed to write.
Pain doesn't happen when you need the power from it, it happens beforehand and maybe you can use that power to help you later in life...