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I feel like i am worthless
I feel like i am beautyless
I feel like i am useless
I feel like i am less-tempting
I feel like i am less than a pebble
I feel like an option
I feel like to be an emotionless
I feel like to race
As i am not able to pace
With this world
I just want to run and run and just run
So that i get tired and die at the same place.

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Hard words but we'll written I can relate 100% but there are other options
in this life the power positive  thinking it can take one from th miry clay 
and put them on the rock to stay I am referring to our Heavenly Father
God Almighty and hid son the Lord Jesus Christ I have feelings as well
I used to live in the deep dark world of depression but now I
have surfaced and life in the world of hope peace joy and
contentment  it only takes a brief  moment in time to change things around
angel .