Dream -

The Supermodel

There were seven women bathing in seven separate tubs.  They then became one gorgeous Shulammite woman like a queen of Sheba. That woman was dressed in an amazing splendid gown like a deep dark purple but brownish colored dress but neither... it was like a hue I'd never seen before but very very deep and rich and regal. But she chundered on it. At first just a little stain. She was slightly upset. "Any damage to this dress, will have to come out of my wages," she said, speaking like a true supermodel. I felt bad so I got some warm water and tried to dab the small stain away. But she stopped me because she was feeling sick again. Then she continued vomiting profusely and spoiled her gown more until she had to take it off.

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A Lonely Journey

I like your dream! It's strange, yet quite odd. lol. 
I like the word 'chundered' though I've never heard it before. 
Ah supermodels! They certainly have a penchant for vomiting on their dresses. 
Cool write.