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2009 Hyundai Sonata funereal lament

2009 Hyundai Sonata funereal lament

Unaffordable, yet valiant speeding,

tailgating, and zooming pep boys, I cannot dodge.

Yours truly grief stricken

(sob... sob... sob)...

wheely hard to bear

this anticipatory anxiety

riddled joker impossible

mission thwarting despair

death knell tolled (told),

woebegone news, I did fear

hears stunned me into silence,

the unwelcome prognosis,

I needed to hear

no joke, but good humor

totally wrecked vehicle forces

yours truly to become...,

no not a lion tamer

but, yes a panhandling junketeer

begging, copping, dilly dallying... ha

to accept unpleasant

unexpected dire straits

gravely digging within lithosphere

bidding... fare thee well

treasured automobile faithful and near

synonymous with ideal paramour, yet now

must confront stark reality,

lack ample disposable income available

no financial resources to persevere,

and worse case scenario me

and the missus will need to don

faux Santa Claus outfit,

and roundup available reindeer

for ourselves (yea... yea... yea...,

I realize how spare

and tired, pessimistic,

forlorn success such short notice

unless if... nah no fat or slim chance...

apocalypse ushers abominable thermonuclear

war, (I doubt Trump would

pull publicity stunt

to be re elected - ha) whereby

Beatle browed, foo fighting

foreigners, survivors impressed, feted,

compensated... for service

unless they willingly volunteer.

Combination future pluperfect

birthday presents and Noel hi

Christmas gifts well nigh,

noah ark cake "FAKE" attempt,

to hoodwink, engine ear,

trunk hate, et cetera

drum, harp, trumpet... belie

including objective to shanghai,

nor fall out of good amazing graces

toward (me) garden variety generic guy

providing steadfast generous

figurative air supply to fortify,

revving me shaky talent,

ye may oft times decry

as unintelligible gobbledygook

brainstorming ideas to try

single handedly ambidextrously

poetically kindle indeed codify

to elucidate how transportation

car reared and gone awry

moderate expenses as original parts wear out,

(i.e. battery, fender, brakes,

hood latch, shock absorber, tires...

albeit almost all simultaneously), hence I sigh

aware expounding circumstance that doth defy

immediate resolution incumbent to pacify

troubleshoot immediate impasse

squarely render quintessence

problem solving the overriding

challenge, I vilify.

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