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2:07 AM

2:07 AM

The quiet conundrums of virtual self-sealing
Is very alive with the lie of self-healing
I can’t help but feel that you’ve placed all your hope
In self-esteem’s promise of personal growth
The numberless victims who’ve fallen for fame
All rest in a chasm on top of a plain
Their failures are fissures of personal pain
A growth of humanity tied to a chain
If truth loses meaning how am I the same?
The universe crumbles but I am insane

If my life was well known,
would there be a need for you?
If somehow they knew me,
would I find the time for you?

Somehow I’m inclined to you
Lonely so I whined for you
Patient, so I wait for you
Waiting and there’s nothing new
Lover would you tell me true
How am I consumed for you?
Famous in your perfect eyes
Painless in my empty sighs
Guiltless in my enterprise
Working not to spread the lies
Knowing that I’m never wise
Listen to my sad reprise

It’s finished
To absolute worth
I see it
Believe it
Cacophonis mirth
The world as we know
Will forever be changed
The life that we live is now on rearranged

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Simon Bromley

Intriguing write, very well crafted and excellent flow from start to finish.  5 stars.