Poem -

a begging of sorts

There is nothing sweet
and soft
about what I want
from your lips right now.
You'd look so divine
between my legs,
your cheeks and my thighs
pressed together
like the pages of the bible.

"Open wide"

we say
to each other.
Grab me by my hips
and pull me closer,
don't be afraid to squeeze.
Leave patchworks of colour
on my thighs
and I'll make my own
on my knees.
It's hard to sing praise
with such a mouthful,
so you'll have to sing for me.
(You did say biblically, right?)
Force repentance from me,
make these bedsheets
pay for my sins.
Nobody ever told me
gods fucked so good.
Say my name over
and over again.
Make me shake,
take the words out of my mouth
and shove yourself in.
Take it further.
Open me wider.
Push harder.
Pull tighter.
Go deeper.
Say I'm yours,
call me dirty
and make me clean. 

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Wow!!  👏👏👏  You have a talent for writing...that I am sure of. Very well done!!

Tina x

Halen Savage

You are too kind, thank you endlessly. You made my day! <3