Poem -


he drowns --but boredom floats

its elastic stretch of beautiful taste
winds the tongue against this drying call
how I have courted you
beyond boredoms locked doors
inside the creeping voice
as normality creates
this malevolent peace

Aged dragon
your scales rot
as limbs voice creaking conversation
dribbling a polite goodbye
Apostle left in the shadow
and bereft of loves guide

slicing vanished streamers
glide on to a visage
broken on the rustic caged shore

kerbside flesh
in vaulted beam
high on the crested horizon
as blessed birth
falls from cliff stained thigh
wretched this  domestic vine

Drama feasted dreams
stolen in suicide
heated by kidnap
Those chained years
boasted clinical manoeuvres
sheeted dawns
drunken delighted escapes

A wrecked voyage
spills red crimson stars
onto soft spiralling sand
searching pasted eyes
burrow into the grafted miracle

laughter long lingering
dragged and hung
dragged to be hanged
so silence
will decorate the breathless

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