Poem -

A Happy Memory

A Happy Memory

Something Rare, and undervalued, memories,
Things that can make the world seem brighter,
or bring it into the darkest of hues.
I remember everything about her.
And I remember why I loved her.
I remember every word she said to me.
And, most of all, I remember her saying those words,
words that both made and unmade me,
Even if they were a bit odd at the time,
Even if I didn't know how to feel about them.
I know the way her eyes sparkled,
the way she smiled,
the was she tried to show me every emotion,
the way she wanted me to know,
beyond a doubt, that she loved me.
Her kiss was sweet as sunshine,
her hugs like feather down.
She felt... Fragile, A thing I could only love,
never envy, but to protect her.
She became my life's greatest joy,
My only sunshine in a world that tried to snuff me out.
She made my days special, each breath magical,
and every time she held my hand,
I guess I knew in my heart we were meant for each other.
It is not every day you meet someone special,
but it is especially memorable,
when your soulmate tells you what you've wanted top say since day one.
And that, that is my happy memory.
Even if all the others threaten to pull me under,
I can remember my first, and only kiss.
My sunshine soulmate,
my happy memory...
only a memory...

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Cherie Leigh

A beautiful memory of a special soul that nobody can ever take away from you...As hard as it is to let go of pain, the good we remember of relationships and love are worth the heartache.....Loss is never something I think we can ever truly get over, but over time process and learn to cherish the memories more that we got to have from their life...I wish you much healing in your life, D...I really do.  I love the way you revered the beauty of what you had....Touching. xo ;)