Poem -

A Page From A Notebook

A Page From A Notebook

When I die, don't wallow in my pain and sorrow
Do not cry a tear in vain
For I have long let go and I'll be gone tomorrow
So when you pull the page out from my pocket
I just need you to know
It's not your fault, but I can never explain
The reasons I just had to go

Once there was light in the internal shade
To blossom by virtue and I grew to wait
As if there was a god who knew my pain
But never have I, nor will I ever
Walk for the brume between the rain

And what a shock it will be to see me dangling
As you walk up the stairs and approach the landing
Where the turn will take you to my despair
As the light comes on and I leave you hanging

Often those who have resolved to end their lives
Will convey the elation of relief, right before they dieΒ 
As though the revelation was there all along
And heaven had only just begun to play
​​​​​​TheΒ melodious remedy of their favourite song

But for me, I could only feign a smile
Before I returned to my room alone to cry
Where the darkness encompassed, haunting my eyes
Even in suffering, when I saw the end in sight