Poem -

Again and again...

Here ye, hear ye,
For all those who are dear to me.
You didn’t learn your lesson,
My fithlty crime is renewed.
You should of protected your sanity
And left me behind.
I have strayed into there again.
Again and again,
I keep going back to my white pain-free friend.
He frees me from my earthly bonds,
And melts away my pain and grief,
Anything in our way, it‘s gone...
Sheds me of my endless sorrow and worries.
Its you that caresses my body ever so gently, Only like a great lover can do.
I've known you most of my life ,
I know what I like.
Oh, instant ecstasy,
How I’ve missed you so, missed you so.
Welcome my dear friend, my lover,
How have you been?
You simply kiss my lips ever so lightly,
And let me breath you in.
Your taste, your smell, your poison,
Whisk me away I’m yours!
Lay with me for a while,
Don’t leave me like the rest.
Drain all the loneliness from my soul.
Make it all fall away, far, far away.
By my side you've always been,
Yet I have ran from you many of times.
Never the less here you are and you alone, Comforting me tonight...
Quietly knowing that soon the blame will come...
And I will, as always,
Deny that you and I are lovers.
It will be brutal,
I'll call you every name in the book and more.
But it’s okay,
You can always catch me again later.
Playing this game all of my life,
I know that you will get the highest score,
Next time you’ll hold me just a little bit tighter.
No doubt, you will be standing by to watch me, Again and again,
When I fall,
Again and again,
Hope I can keep my balance this time without you my friend.
I’ve learned that my hungry lust for you is deep. But at what cost?
So this is my dear john letter to you,
My lover, my friend.
I am brutal and honest with my farewell.
I’m so sorry for this my dear,
But it has to be done...

I will lay with you till your lusty dust has gone, Use you for everything I can and more,
And then,
Just when you think you’re here to stay,
I’ll shove you right off my bed,
And tell you to be gone.
I’ve gotten what I wanted from you,
You are all used up, empty inside.
Leave I said,
We had our fun,
We mind fucked and it felt good.
But now I'm done.
Parties over baby,
Your as cold as your ice.
Don’t you come around here again.
I told you get out!
Don’t ever come round here no more.
I can live without you!
I don’t need you anymore,
Did you hear me you blood sucking whore!
Go sell yourself elsewhere,
Don’t whore around me any more!
Get, go on,
I know what to do without you.
Why are you so vain?
This story isn’t about you.
Its about how much I love my three handsome sons.
Again and again,
I will learn to bare the pain, sorrow, grief and shame.
This ain’t my first life lesson,
Now I will pick myself up and go on.
I’ll start over once again,
Again and again.
Over and over,
Again and again.
Goodbye my white dusty friend.

L. Mack

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