Poem -



I want to let you go,
but the idea of you with anybody else hurts.
I want to break down and cry.
I don't want to be comforted,Β 
I want you to see my heart breaking.
wishing it would stop.
I thought I could meet her, be civil and kind.
​​​I was never jealous till I saw her with you.
I didn't realize how much you meant to me.
I knew you were specialΒ 
and I knew I loved you.
Never did I think it would cause this type of pain.
I want you.Β 
But I look at you and see your hand on her waist,Β 
and your lips against hers.Β 
and suddenly every cell in my body is in agony.Β 

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Mark Gonzalez

Hello Vannah,

Wow! So beautiful,so clear. I could feel your passion. Beautiful write!! Amazing!!!


Mark Anthony GonzalezΒ