Poem -

All the why's

Down again . All the why's are back again . Why can't we just get what we want . Why's it always so hard to feel out of control over your body and soul . Why can't I accomplish what runs through my head . Why do people think they are better off dead . Manic and depression in this blood dripping on her  kitchen floor. Why push ahead if there's no where to go . Why turn back there's no comfort there either . Why be anything but in a bad mood . Why get motivated when you want nothing to do   . Why trust others . Why stand tall . Why have any faith at all . Why did they leave , cause there body's decay . Why am I . Why are you . What's left for us to do . Why why why why cry cry cry . Another day . We  will be waiting our turn find out why . The answers won't take the bad why's . 

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