Poem -

An Eye For an Eye

The Agressor Cannot Seek Revenge

An Eye For an Eye

An eye for an eye,
The devil cry,
When revenge starts to creep,
Vines of shame, searching for blame,
Tangled by deceit,
An eye for an eye,
No more I cry,
No quarter, no mercy you reap,
Forgiveness you scorn, 
The bond it is torn,
You practice what you preach,
An eye for an eye,
The devil's intention, 
With no intervention decreed,
Torture is offered, 
Abundantly ordered,
"When is enough" I cry,
"When nothing remains"
You say with distain,
Destruction is your aim,
Until I am dust, you revel with lust,
All mirror's face to the wall,
They'll be no reflection,
of faceless expression,
"My slave" will be your call,
An eye for an eye, 
The devil cry,
For you I must comply,
Revenge runs deep,
In a mind that's weak,
There is no eye for an eye,
Sheltered by truth,
My wounds they will soothe, 
Your efforts will have all been in vain.
An eye for an eye,
The devil cry,
For the aggressor does not seek revenge.

©️ 2020 Graham Marshall 
©️ #poem only

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