Poem -

And Still I Dance

And Still I Dance

I Dance through Eternity 
Stardust leaving trails 
And tales
Throughout the Star spangled Heavens

If our Worlds should collide
And Together we should ride
On Destinys Tail
Give me your final dance

My heart leaves deep red trails of crimson
Ribbons twisting through time.
My Soul sheds it's skin's like a Snake 
Beholden to None
Yet my Heart Beats to the same rhythm

I only ask of You this
Surrender Your Heart 
Let Me feel your Beating Heart
Across untold Galaxies 

And Still I Dance
To the Music of the Spheres 
The Spiral Dance
Of Lives and Loves 

And all that seems to be
The Illusory words and world's
That disappear
Without a word. 

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Being Me

This is absolutely beautiful. So many eloquent lines and phrases that I cannot single anything out. Pinned this because it has just blown my tiny mind. Gorgeous poem x

Djangos Daughter

Thank You so very much for taking your time to read and leave feedback. Very much appreciated. DD X