Poem -


the politics of freedom


No longer do I travel far
Or shed the world I stood to view
No longer do I move outside
The land I yearned and crooned and streamed

No longer do I love for sake
(True love found in inner feeling)
No longer do I seek success
Or look to sunshine’s inner glow

For it has gone so far away
(what once I thought was here for good)
Now the darkness takes its place
A village stands for what’s demeaning

A village closed to others’ thoughts
Like minds well shut to disparate views
Like minds closed to thoughts opined
Like minds that know just one thing – fear

Fear to speak one’s mind decrying
For what we had is gone – is gone
For what we had left us belonging
To nothing – no-one – no-where near

My eyes – they cry – and shed more tears
My eyes – they weep – and say (reminding)
The latest fad – with harm it loiters
The latest fad is over-taking

A worldly life – pray, worth preserving
A worldly life – fight off their dare
Angst be gone – away their screening
Angst be gone – devoid of meaning.

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