Poem -

"Another Chance at You"

"Another Chance at You"

"I got tired of living,
with all of the lies,
that the Devil whispered,
while shutting my eyes.

I used to live,
and lived to use.
Drugs were something,
I'd always abuse,
and I told myself,
'I have a life that I didn't choose,
so what would it hurt,
if it was something I'd lose?'

I thought that I was a mistake,
and that life was something,
just too hard to take.

So the hurt and the pain,
and those lies were familiar,
and so were the drugs,
my dealers delivered.

Then came the day,
where I almost died.
I almost never saw,
another sunrise,
and the terror and pain,
brought me to my knees,
and I cried out to God,
that's why I believe.
Because He saved me,
and He can you too.
Just ask Him to help,
at another chance at you."

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linda wright

praise God ssalvaation is the greatest gift of God hallejuah
merry Christmas and happy new year linda j wright
each day is a new one glory to God in the highest