Poem -

Anyone for Coffee?

Anyone for Coffee?

Awakening to coffee and celebrating dawn
tad of heavenly bliss, a new day is born
If I happen to endure a twitchy, restless night
I crave nothing more than a soy flat white
My humble little Nespresso never lets me down
If feeling rather sluggish after dancing on the town

Some prefer it chilled or maybe extra hot
Those lacking energy will want a double shot
Purely brewed beans for those who like it black
Or Macchiato, dash of foam if you’d rather that
Frothy Cappuccino with chocolate on top
Smooth blended Latte savouring every drop

Consume it in the morning enjoy for afternoon tea
Drink it in your underwear beneath a shady tree
Perhaps you need a friend to relax and have a chat?
Merely mention “coffee”, no doubt they’ll be in that

Some folk may read this thinking “coffee - not for me”
I understand entirely if it’s not your cup of tea.

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Great poem angel I think I will go get me a cup 

Simon Bromley

Very cleverly written especially the last line.  I love coffee, quite fond of a rich blend or mocha.  Great write.