Poem -



People ask me about my job on the side,
It's more of a hobby with nothing to hide,
Grab a seat or you can sit on the floor,
Because i am about to tell you a little more.

Its pure safe and beneficial skincare,
It's a lifestyle choice even stuff for your hair,
There's protein shakes and meal replacement too,
If you browse my shop, you'll find something for you.

There's over 400 products for women and men,
Essential oils eye shadow and then,
Stuff the young and stuff for the old,
I use the products myself and i am totally sold.

It doesn't matter where you live,
Buy for yourself or a present to give,
They are in America, Canada England too,
Taiwan New Zealand and Australia for you.

Check out my site you have nothing to lose,
There is no pressure here so you can refuse,
You'll be surprised at the range you can't go wrong,
Visit me at http://GlenHill.arbonne.com/

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