Poem -

Ask me

If I'm sure...

Ask me

I could find you both in the blinding mist
By the ways you walk and move
Behind my eyes, in my mind, your are the ones watching when I groove

You are are my sunlight and my moon
My peaceful darkness and my guiding light
My Goddess who holds me at night
And The God who gives me sight

You are my two, us happy few, if you only knew, so pure and true, are my two

You are my blessings, my rewards for this harsh life
My cauldron, my candle, my sensor, my knife

You are the family I been looking for
My harth and castle door
As reward for the path of a Priestess
Who could ask for more

Ask me once or once for each star in the sky, ask me now and on the day I die
Ask me when I'm happy, when I'm angery or when I cry
Ask me when ever you need to hear it once more
Ask me again
And I'll tell you I am sure
Oh yes, I am sure