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We are kicked around from birth till death,
The ruggedness is hard,
With fires floods and droughts about,
Emotionally we cant discard.

They breed them tough around here though,
And I have seen a thing or two,
We stand our ground and grit our teeth,
That's what we Aussies do.

We've stood side by side in muddy trenches,
When one man wanted the world,
With bullets and explosions thick,
We witnessed death unfurled.

Did we run away and hide,
When the going got to tough?
We stared them down deep into their eyes,
And gave it back as rough.

And as far as our inventions are come,
We're really are a nifty lot,
All the icons that are still here today,
Our creative ways won't stop.

We've had our share of heroes too,
On both sides of the law,
Our poets and our painters,
Our pollies I'm not quite sure.

Fair dinkum mate g'day,
God blimey cobber, strewth,
A language we can call our own,
And an exaggerated truth.

When things aren't right and you're about to burst,
When the tears form in your eyes,
Dont forget who you really are,
You're an Aussie and you can rise.

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Violet Freese

I have a dear friend that lives in Australia and how the fires were a living hell.  All the koalas and other wildlife not to mention the human factor  well written my Aussie conrade. You are a tough one and love to your coyntry.

Glen Hill

Thank You Violet, now we are experiencing flooding on the east coast. Just another day in Australia I guess, hehe

Being Me

I saw the devastating fires on the news and only today I saw a facebook post on the flooding. Heartbreaking things to happen.

Your poem is a fabulous tribute to a beautiful country x

Glen Hill

Thank you being me, if its not one thing it's another, can't wait for normality again

Being Me

Here's hoping 'normal' will return soon x