Poem -

Be not complacent 'bout dire global warming

Be not complacent 'bout dire global warming

Despite brisk temperatures today lo
mein October fifth
two thousand nineteen y'know,
where exhalation generates
puff 'o air to flow
after taking analogous

drag on fiery cigarette slow -
Autumn weather
brought coveted respite
to torpid hazy, hot, humid conditions
just... like... a mere
four days ago,

ye best not be wary nay -
and put figurative guard down no
including y'all fellow Earthlings -
don't get smug
though morning hath bro
kin quite chilly, ah refreshing

moost definitely worth crow
wing about, I supp prose
"FAKE" king poe
wit like... yours
truly haps tubby up pro
believe me you,

suffocating heat did slow
ability to conjure e'en feeble attempt
to craft higglety pigglety
measly, satisfactory flow
'o words - yea right haint
gonna get no dough

tis exhilarating regarding average Joe
cur biden his time at least
till 20/20 election - whoa
thirteen months from now
hoop fully trumpeting bozo
will be defeated, cuz he ain't

dune planet earth any good
actually his dynastic aspirations
undermine biological cargo,
and affect mooch mo'
harm as he blithely axes
environmental protections with his so

so who cares attitude
will inevitably spell grow
task compromising future
courtesy boomerang yoyo
effect told me by dodo
bird chimney sweeper sallow

faced bummer resembling Frodo
overwhelmed with
deplorable wretched status quo
hither and yon to and fro
he doth frantically go
across terrestrial firmament, in toto

sacrilegious, malicious, egregious...
abominable primate shady hue
man oh man now tis time I cue
somber tune from oboe
entirely constructed and linkedin

with a little help courtesy lego
set now at poe wits end
this soon tubby extinct bonobo
doth bid thee adieu.

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