Poem -


piss off piss off the mirror smashes in laughters threat

Shifting ground in the snowing frowns
please step quietly
everyone knows your around
such defining growling moaning sexual graveyard sounds
framed in operatic promised frames
that wolf's beside the golden crown
howling for freedoms dog
Whispering piss off
she lifted the slanted broken heart
fucking bedclothes drown me
piss off piss off
you laughing piece of history
traced wired and laid clown

Why scented petrol
pouring the waterfall across skinless taken arms
fetch a flame but never spell
eaten by those barbed wire rings
knelt on carpeted conveyors
remembering half-ate vows
laying on the blood-red straining bed
sunrises created steel
horizons chained

piss off the mirrored reflections growled
and plastic containers flounder
on warm foaming surface
piss off
while I drown

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