Poem -


I own a bomb but it's not the kind of bomb that you think.
It's a DVD and it's so bad that it made Mike Myers boat sink.
It's a movie that is despised by both me and you.
The movie that I'm talking about is The Love Guru.
It was so bad that watching it caused great emotional trauma.
It made people crap their pants and run home to their mamas.
Mike Myers is a great actor but he has a lot to fear.
The Love Guru and The Cat In The Hat severely tarnished his career.
Myers was great when he portrayed Wayne Campbell, Austin Powers and Shrek.
Please don't force me to watch The Love Guru again, I'd rather have a broken neck.
It will be nice if in the future, Myers is able to make a comeback.
But if he makes The Love Guru 2, people will be ready to attack.

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