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Bowled Over At Panera’s

Bowled Over At Panera’s

For well over fifteen years now, at Panera’s have we dined;
Their prices a little bit higher, but their quality so fine!
Lots of times, it’s been for breakfast, when I’m traveling on the road;
A place to hang at six a.m., so homey, like my abode!
Oft times when I was not working, Linda and I went there to eat lunch;
Two Chinese Chicken Salads, with white meat, a whole bunch!
They cost less than nine bucks each then, for a very filling meal;
We were happy with their value, thought they gave us a good deal!
We have not been for over two years, but today, Linda wanted a bowl of soup;
So I stopped to pick her up one, now I’ve got a real news scoop!
For they charged me almost seven dollars, I could not believe my ears;
The next time she has this pica, so clear of them I’ll steer!
Seven bucks a bowl
Panera’s flipped their lid
Soup kitchen for rich


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Cherie Leigh

HI Larry.  That is an expensive bowl of soup!  I have eaten at Panera's and they have the best bread...but they must believe they are serving manna from God!  Lol   It is so hard for me to eat out anymore because I have three kids in tow with me and sometimes my married son and his wife, and there are few places anymore we can eat under $50.00-$75.00 and then the tip....I have had to learn to cook a lot more at home...lol  Paneras may be a flash in the bread pan!  Lol...I like your Haiku as well...perfect!  xo Love n Hugs

Larry Ran

My Dear Cherie,

but they must believe they are serving manna from God!  I roared when I read this.  We go to another place, that makes the most wonderful soups we've ever had, all made from scratch with the finest ingredients, and they are only $5.00 each, and well worth it.  Prices are getting crazy at certain eateries, and you have to choose wisely where you can get the best value.  Yesterday, Linda and I went to a very fine restaurant with lunch specials for $7.99, which came with bowl of delicious soup, a sandwich of your choice, and wonderful homemade Saratoga chip potatoes.

All my love,
Larry xxx