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I'll admit, relative to most guys,
I'm a bit of an oddball.
Where they want to stall,
I jump right in. Honestly, it drives me crazy.
I see her, and my heart picks up.
I know this will pass, but it still scares me.
I know I fo way too fast to be normal,
I overcommit to something,
and then that ruins it.
I keep seeing her, Seeing her smile,
I guess Instinct then,
to want to smile back at her,
to feel happy again,
to drop my guard and trust her.
My biggest problem,
I'm trusting of girls,
even when they have hurt me.
I try to space myself before,
before I get in too deep,
before there is no return.
And yet,
She still smiles at me,
and I smile back.
Yay Me.

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Cherie Leigh

Hi D...I think it is great that you want to be loved, and you deserve to be...and getting back out there and allowing a girl's smile to touch you shows that you have a big heart...and want to give....The right one will return your same attention and validate that you can, indeed, trust again....To be genuine to your feelings is such a great quality...  I admire that about you.  xo ;)