Poem -

Broken Remains

Broken Remains

I let go of the anger
No longer had the time for hate
Sometimes the realisation comes in a little too late
Took me almost 20 years to figure out what I wanted from life
That even through darkness shines the light
Love came through 
To everyone who stayed in my life I thank you

I never knew what I was capable of until I got to know myself more
Putting myself back on my own feet
Each time I stumbled
Every time I'd fall 
I found my heart again, I discovered my soul
What was once broken in me now feels whole

I found love, I finally saw a light
My future that was once dull now appears bright
So much ambition that pours through my veins
I'm no longer somebody's broken remains. 

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Marion Price

A lovely write of strength and healing Grace 🌹