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You replaced me with someone with a similar name . I ended up replacing you with someone with the same name . Burned bridge ex friend of mine. Funny word estranged. They all are pretty sure of themselves, shit don't stink at all . Shut down , have a snob wall.  You believe that similar name was not a coincidence. I know you intentionally poisoned. Piece of crap polished turd . It was just a fucking disaster the rollercoaster that entails you . All of your own doing , the burning of my bridge . Progress to join up with her . I ended up set .I ended quirky looking  back and laughing at how dum we once  where . Especially me , you bridged  the gap into  seclusion . It's not my right to banter back and forth no more , according to you. Estranged is a funny way to be . Burning up any chance I had to be friendly with you . They are all pretty self-serving , all about them in all .Shut down  any nice thoughts towards me . It's no picnic , what a hassle it's been .  I've  faced facts now. Ex . You simply want no control over me no more. It ended up being my lucky escape . 


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