Poem -

Burnt planet

Once upon a time, I heard
A story of a world of beauty & delight, 
That captured the soul & dreams of creation
And a mother's nature & sun's warmth light, 
Creatures & oceans filled this land
Nocturnal beings search & hunt for prey, 
A planet surrounded by many others
Ensuring a harmony from night to day, 
A breed of creature were landed on this place 
To test which future they would seek, 
To either respect one's beauty or will
The greedy & negative overthrow the weak, 
The answer to problems is very clear indeed
Could we of watched the answer in our face, 
The world began with natures pure harmony 
And the creatures live in peace they embrace, 
History books crammed with secrets & lies
Looking back to wars,the lessons never learnt, 
In a world that is alright to look the other way
A once beautiful planet, while the poor are forever burnt. 

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