Poem -



Like Boiling chocolate 
Or molten cheese
Or molasses 

Thick and hot and a little dangerous to touch, but oh so delicious

You transform the air 
You make my breath catch in my throat
Make me suck in the heat of it 
Like drowning in a hot tub with a smile on my face

I can't get my bearings 
But part of me doesn't want to

And that part of me is winning
Stuffing me further beneath the surface 
Until I forget how to breathe

And I don't miss the air 
I won't ever dare to miss it

I'd rather sink into this weight
Your weight 
The weight of your presence 

Your very nearness to my body 
Is intoxicating 
And love, I'm an addict 

And I'm ready for my next fix

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Lorna Caizley

I really enjoyed this, you really capture the feeling of intoxication..funny how love does that to you.