Poem -

Carousel of lies

Carousel of lies

Of all the years that mankind has faced
Destruction & interference has laid its path, 
Nature's blueprint was created,for us to learn
Learning by one's mistakes, false econimies plotted on a graph, 
And so to those,who apparently are in charge 
For many years,deception & greed showed its ugly face, 
We are told the goal constantly, cleanly was reached
But sadly truths hidden,financies greed they embrace, 
The heart & soul of our health system, slowly degraded
Rules & laws manipulated, mainly to suit themself
Promises & final action,lay dormant & far apart 
Only to realise accountability, conviently put up on a shelf, 
Our country slowly is losing its charm, & warm identity
Those in charge, allowing others to abuse our hospitality, 
Situations & slackness,public forced in many a hole
Frustration & anger then builds,longing for how it used to be, 
We watch the darkness surround & engulf our lands meaning
Mankind's destiny is determined, technology will be undone, 
Therefore the carousel & lies keep turning,scars & self harming
Quickly trust is fading,while blindly governice enjoys the sun. 

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Cherie Leigh

Hi Lee. So sad but true....I want to get off the carousel!  Lol.....Technology has replaced the human touch....and caught us up in the internet web of deceit and governmental control.  Sigh. Thanks for sharing.