Poem -

Cassettes and Cigarettes

Polyester-type film, magnetized.
Embedded tiny needle-like particles.
Realigned frequencies fingerprints.
Bound to ribbons of rust,
Wound up.
Gyrating between two spools.
Reel to reel duration.
Measured with minutes.
Vibrations creations.
Produced amongst magnetic fields,
Mapped out.
Recorded signature stamped in time.
Sent like letters addressed to listeners.
Reiterate sound waves amplified.
Playing tunes.
Life's background songs-
Cigarette slowly burns along,
With every bridge I've ever crossed, or even made an attempt to.
In my troubled times.
When I'm falling apart.
Embrace me, auditory communication.
Plastic shell encased, protected composition.
The only tape strong enough
to keep me together.

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Imtisal Fatima

Your love for music is clear in this poem and this is so original!
Well done :)