Poem -

Her Name Was Willow

Weeping willow stands alone.
Hanging head, behind pendulous wall.
Sun's golden rays, love's gentle strokes. 
Comb through Babylon's branches.
Propagated only to please the eyes.
Never knowing true beauty within.
Silk Road's second hand merchandise.
Lingering inside, misery's burden.

     Catkin decorations over solid roots. 
     Let me swim in your river of sorrow.
     Teach me how to stand,
     Secluded yet strong.
     Finding the strength to grow.
     With sadness stained bark.

Through beholders eyes, I've seen your beauty.
The way your soul waltzes in the wind.
The way you sway, my inspiration.
The way you persevere.
The way you weather passing storms.
Shelter me with open arms.
Upon your chest, lay me down to sleep.
O willow tree, why must you weep.

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Simon Bromley

Very intriguing write.  Very well worded and pieced together.

Thomas Harrington

Thank you so much! I appreciate it. Thanks for the read Simon. 😊

Terry Kay

Nicely pinned.  I loved it.  Terry Kay