Poem -




Is the most honorable of all good intentions
To help those poor souls in need
We all have so much for which to be thankful
Our mission is to do a good deed


The task of seeking the underprivileged
Those truly in need of assistance
Doing our very best to make sure they enjoy
A happier and productive existence


Very first news of someone in distress
Be there to offer your hand
Making sure things are contented at home
Then offer to help your fellow man


Is definitely where charity should begin
On that, we must be consistent
Then share the warmth of our loving heart
And our happy and peaceful existence

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Cherie Sumner-Taylor

I always think of every person as a connection to myself and God, and therefore so important in purpose and role in this world...and it is our responsibility to care for our fellow man and want to reach out and help in any way....The Golden Rule should be at the heart of all our intentions towards others...Great message of charity, dear Jack.  xo ((hugs)) 

Jack Ellison

It puts the human back in human being!!! Whenever I hear of a simple act of kindness, it renews my faith in humanity! However, they seem to be occurring less frequently these days! :( Knowing of sweeties like you, tells me there are still caring souls in this old world! You are one-of-a-kind dear Cherie... love and warm hugs, Happy Jack XOX