Poem -

Choking Back The Tears!

Choking Back The Tears!

This papa did accurately
surmise undeclared war
strong armed lance pierced my armour,
ah...how fondly he recalls
early fatherhood days of yore,
when daddy's first born girl

did effusively adore
yours truly, he likened self as topnotch
trooper, who mustered vigour
exhibiting untrammeled unconditional
tender loving behaviour
before conflict erupted as between

mainland China and Uighur
back in the day din and clangour
honed, perfected, battle
tested... mine steely danse zing mettle
admirable trait evinced by this troubadour,
when understandable mutiny arose 'tween

me and "Munchkin" donut ask anymore,
why spouse described eldest
with pet name eldest she smoothly bore
intermittent flashpoints smoothed, sans
24/7 at beck and call, I availed to assuage
with papa's magical succor

distressed damsel (daughter number one),
she established an endearing rapport
with me telepathic sixth sense touchstone
oft times found even how sailors swore
dem crude words
extraneous, ridiculous, superfluous...

if unhappiness did evidently colour
hint, asper hinting off kilter her humour
characteristic woeful crimp evoking dour
demeanor accompanied unhappiness countenance
easily placated thru cuddling, viz comfort
and reassurance, the panacea wherefore

"star student" resumed former activity,
which nurturing trend came to screeching halt
as said lass matured courtesy
puberty, where rancor
more challenging than...
childhood summoning more

than a spontaneous gambit,
hence necessity fore
age appropriate strategy to reconnoiter
parental strategy as throwing feint against
emotional foe, feeble fiery feedback
unseated formerly unrivaled dada furthermore

awkwardness arose when teenage solace
sought among preferred best friend(s)
accelerated as das dada lost lustrous glamour
plus, his snappy truculent unfettered
brusqueness, especially when minimizing
computer screen window "this bear did roar"

"nothing," when unconvincing feint "fake" retort
she saw deception, vis a vis married man scour
ring and/or posting personal classifieds
which mutiny capsized bounteous
fidelity, gentility, integrity...no labour

of love kin aright
now, an invisible oaken wall betwixt us
n'er to be rent asunder, e'en when rigor
mortis gives reason for grim reaper to snigger
attired while atop catafalque donned
in my sin - day best pinafore.

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