Poem -

Cold summer

Cold summer

I am lying awake in bed
A queen size bed that's made for two,
but one side of the bed is empty,
because that place is meant for you.

I keep missing you all of the time
So, I just cried on my pillow
Until the morning brings the sunlight
Shining through the window

I went to south beach later that morning
And on the boardwalk, I leaned on the railing
A female jogger told me good morning
As I stood there watching the ships sailing

And the sun was out and like a yellow blanket
It covers the beautiful seashore,
Then the memories of us coming here overtakes me
And left me wishing if you were here once more.

And I wonder where you are right now
And I wonder if you are missing me too
I am trying so hard to move on
But I'm falling apart inside, I can’t make it without you

What did I do please tell me?
Because I don’t know
I don’t know what I did
To make you go

I keep thinking that maybe tomorrow
The bell will ring and you will be standing at the door
And you would take me in your arms again
And love me like you did once before

Sometimes late at night I find myself driving
And not knowing where to go
But in the end, I always end up right here
In the special place that we know

I wonder if you still remember our special place
And all the wonderful moments we had here
We use to always say to me, that if we ever get lost
That we will always find each other right here

So, I come here every day and I wait
And keep waiting for you to show
And I keep waiting and waiting
Never wanting to leave to go

Your ashes were scattered in the wind here
As the seagulls flew over the bay
It was your wish for your ashes to be scattered here
And your wish came true that day

It was the coldest summer of my life
When my tears fell like the rain
You said that I was strong
But I could never get past the pain

You promise me that when I miss you
, that I will find you here
So, I come every day and wait for you to show
Then I go home and hug your clothes and cry on my pillow
And come back and wait for you again tomorrow

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Cherie Sumner

Very sad, Kaz......I don't think you ever get over such a loss...and will always search for that love....Touched my heart...xox Cherie