Poem -


Sexual attraction

Tidal waves shift consistently
dragging the sand back into several currents 
ripping the minerals apart
causing confusion and hysteria 
the water 
calls back to the land craving to take it back 
to tear it apart and watch it rebuild 
The water grabs the sand 
treasuring it’s presence and regretting its absence 
the longer the water strays away from the sand 
the easier it becomes to forget why it craves the land
so the water comes back 
drags the land into itself 
Caressing it’s every mineral
asking for the sand to do the same in return 
so the sand does
and it reaches to touch the water
and it slowly fades away
after several attempts of trying to make the water happy
the water tells the sand that it may not be content anymore
the sand ripples apart in the water
trying to escape the hysteria and confusion 
the water guides the sand back to the land
for it to rest
the water returns the next day
And the cycle continues 

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Katina Woodruff...

I really like how you gave the sand and water a voice. Before I saw the sub title, I was thinking the poem was about the natural world, how all the many elements work together, the oceans, the beaches, the Earth and other areas. After reading it a second time, with the title in mind, I discovered the underlying message about intimacy between to people madly in love. Great work!