Poem -



I hold your hand
Between the cosmos
And see the universe
In your eyes

As you look into
My beating heart
And see infinity
In the sunrise

As rays of gold
Dance in your hair
A beauty divine
To hypnotise

Where beams of light
Glorify your smile
Drawing us closer
To paradise…

I remember the darkness
We fought through to find
Each other’s radiance
One another’s heart

I feel the troubles
That led us astray
Scarred our souls
And tore us apart

I sense the faith
That we held onto
To fall back together
And humbly restart

And hear the calling
To soar, ascend higher
In love unconditional
Divinity impart…

In heaven, we have kissed
On earth, we have missed
Our love, our secret tryst
Our heart, faithful persist…

Upon the stars we soar
Within the galaxies galore
Under the cosmos’ shore,
You, I will always adore…

Hold my hand.
And believe.

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