Poem -



When words are unspoken
Tears are the prayers
That Spirit hears

When the heart is broken
Scars are the language
That Heaven speaks

When the flame is lost
Ashes are the sparks
That Love rekindles

When the sun is hidden
Wisdom is the moon
That Faith reveals…

And those broken prayers
Are her symphony
Her empathy

And those fallen tears
Are her battlecry
Her soaring flight

And that dying flame
Is her authority
Her divine kiss

And that moonlight
Is her sovereignty
Her holy bliss…

So believe her
Listen to her
Cherish her

So touch her
Caress her
See her

Cherish her in the world
Embrace her beauty
Find the others

See her within you
Ponder her heart
Find yourself.

Written with Bilal Rajab

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