Poem -



I see the beauty
That within you

I feel the love
That through you

The undying hope
That in you

The hidden light
The sovereign love
You long to disclose…

I see the darkness
That you so deeply

I feel the scars
That you hide from
My eyes

I know you believe
The abyss you fell into
Shall surmise

Who you are
And that you may
Never ever rise…

From the shadows
Of infernal bliss
To heaven’s sight

From the shackles
Of darkness’ spell
To ascension’s rite

From the depths
Of drowning waters
To breathe the light

Rekindling the ashes
Of extinguished love
To reignite…

And as you gasp, surfacing above
I hold your hand, and tell you
It’s going to be alright…

You cry, thinking
That I don’t know
Your pain

And turn away, believing
That I’m free from
Darkness’ stain

The suffering, the
Hurt that seems
To reign

The scars, the
Wounds that ever

But I promise you, it is in
The depths of hell, that
You are reborn

It is in the silence of
Heartbreak, that
Love is sworn

It is in the the brokenness
The battlescars, that
Faith is born

It is in the darkness
Of the abyss, that
The veil is torn…

And beyond that veil
I am waiting for you
As I am free

Freed from the darkness
Into the light, to
Blessed be

I’ve been there
With you, you
Just don’t see

How close you are
How beautiful
You are with me…

I love you
My phoenix
Just believe…

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