Poem -

Divine Symphony

Divine Symphony

I look at the stars
In their cosmic dance
Laying below the skies

As you smile, I see
The very same light
In your beautiful eyes

The universe seems
To love to put us
Together, to devise

A divine symphony
Singing of our love
As we fantasise…

I dream of sailing
Through the galaxies
Your hand holding mine

Diving through the night
Reaching for the light
As our hearts entwine

As the cosmos sing
The heavens kneel
The stars realign

I kiss your spirit
You embrace my soul
Reunified with thine…

Everything is music
When I have you, for
Your heart beats for me

I listen, enchanted
By your sacred rhythm
Resonating in thee

So open your eyes
And expand your mind
It’s not so hard to see

How divine we are
Wild and untamed
Beautiful and free…

It’s not so hard to dance
To the heartbeat of life
Knowing you are here

In all I believe
All I understand
Your love is ever near

I will never leave
Your divine blessing
Of devotion sincere

For what I have is yours
What you have is mine
In you, I have no fear…

So let go to me
As I let go to you
As we justly decree

That even if physically,
Distance tears us apart,
Our love is meant to be

When I close my eyes
In the depths of night
Your light, I’ll always see

And no matter what
May break our hearts,
We are always free…

And I believe.

We are all reflections
Of the same light…

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Cherie Leigh

Hi Edward.  I love your ending line...and I believe that too...that "we are all reflections of the same light" and though we are individuals with personalities, we represent the one who put this whole symphony together.  Lovely theme...Enjoyed, xo ;) 

Edward Lin

Thank you :) Yesterday I wrote this poem, and today I met my soulmate. Not a coincidence :)