Poem -


Don't be cross with me, life is too short mon ami,
we should behave nicely, conduct ourselves sincerely,
of course, we can not avoid critique but needn't be meek,
lighten up - there is no guarantee in what you seek.

Now, I wasn't talking about fruits, men in suits,
rather, maybe some go back to their dubious routes,
just because I mentioned that I like a nice pear,
didn't mean that it should be served medium rare.

My children asked me if I was having a day at the races,
I thought they said that they all needed braces,
'Is it true that if we're good, we all go to heaven?'
I said: 'I told you - everyone must be in bed by eleven.'

Don't be oppo'sight,' if I say black, then you say white,
be careful, otherwise we'll all end up in the shite.


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