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Dangers Of Gullibility

Dangers Of Gullibility

Why do you believe everything they say?
Trust is a sacred thing, not meant for all
People take advantage of those who give it
Face reality, protect yourself from being hurt
Every bit of your trust is going to be brokenĀ 
This can be prevented if you hold it dear

Listen close, remember this advice my dear
I'm just trying to keep you safe from what they say
I refuse to stand and watch them leave you broken
The things people do these days aren't okay at all
All of them get jealous, and think they have to hurt
I am putting my foot down and not allowing it

There is only one way to keep you safe from it
Hunting the enemy down, taking what they hold dear
I know this is extreme, but you can't be hurt
If that happened, I wouldn't know what to say
As a mere human, I couldn't bare the guilt of it all
You're gullible and naive, they want you broken

There is a danger to gullibility that leaves you broken
Worry not, your opened eyes keep you safe from it
Doesn't it feel nice to be freed from all?
Albeit, there is one last thing I must inform you dear
Something that is going to severely pain me to say
No exaggeration, this is really going to hurt

Except I am going to be the one that gets hurt
The hero of this story is going to be left broken
Where should I begin, is it something I should say?
Never mind, as of right now let's just forget itĀ 
Just know you'll be fine, my most precious dear
Come close and I can continue protecting you from all

Fuck it, stay over there and prepare to hear it all
Naive bitch, I'm the one that wants you hurt
Get away from me and what I truly hold dear
Unless you desire to be damaged, to lie there broken
Finally, it feels good to just come clean with it
This is what I've been really wanting to say

Now ask yourself, is this something I'd say?
Do I or do I not want to protect you from it?
Trying to believe both is what leaves one broken

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