Poem -

Reflecting on Reflections

Reflecting on Reflections

Standing before the bathroom mirror 
Things couldn't have been clearer
When I look at myself, I feel strange 
It's most definitely time for a change

I step back in overwhelming shame
I am not happy with my name
Nor proud of some of the things I put on it 
The forcing of a haiku, free verse, or sonnet

Is feeling this way considered obscene?
If only this mirror could turn into a screen
Then I could change what I see, shrink and erase
Edit certain details in my flaky face

Then I'd go and edit all of that code 
Improve the way all of it flowed 
Remove each one of my past mistakes
Like failing that class, or talking to the fakes

I could finally improve my ability to write 
And make it so I could sleep throughout the night 
So many more things I would want to revise 
Even stop the thoughts of seeing my demise

As with most, I'm battered and bruised 
When people hear about it, they're suddenly amused 
Instead of giving a damn and being a good friend
They just "relate" and move on, as if it's just a trend

This may come as a shock, but these feelings are real
People feeling this aren't just whining, it is a big deal
The fact we're always accused of being overdramatic
Is something I personally find quite problematic

That's one of the last things I'd remove
My social skills could definitely improve
I can't talk to people without a panic attack
Yet I'm merely human, so perfection I'll always lack

That doesn't mean things aren't worth a tinker
Don't fall for the trap, hook line and sinker
You're worth a fix, and it's okay to break
Abandoning yourself is a grave mistake