Poem -

Somebody Else

Somebody Else

You're not going to hear this.
It's for my sake, and yours.
There is a mountain,
An endless void,
Of things I didn't say
And never will.
Yes, you.
I cannot even try
To pick various words
That will describe what I felt.
Everyone speaks
Of the one thing that fulfills their life.
For me,
It wasn't you.
Because you were so much more.
Beyond what I imagined possible.
"Nobody's perfect" .
That's the truth.
People like you,
Surpass even that.
Your body isn't what I wanted,
But I know it's with somebody else.
Every night I close my eyes
Just to see you with that somebody.
My world crumbled, now mere debris.
I am saying this in desperation,
In vein and longing.
These cravings
Will never be satisfied.
Now I despise myself,
Desire to meet my demise.
All that I can do,
Is sit and continue
To be ravenous for you,
As your body
Lies with
Somebody else.

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Mia Terra

I really like this, it shows the feelings very well